Executive Producer: Ian Dawson
Producer: Jesse Looney
Art Direction/3D: Jason Smart
Special Thanks: Julian Loscher
I was brought on by Ian Dawson over at Be Grizzlee to create a 15 second spot showcasing an exclusive limited promotion by Miller Lite. The product is an ice cube tray that makes small ice cubes
in the shape of a can of Miller Lite. 
To top it off, the ice cubes are intended to be made
with Miller Lite itself. A unique project to say the least.

The client was looking for a dramatic yet tongue-in-cheek animation showcasing the tray and the cubes themselves. What started off as a 15 second spot turned into 30 as we felt that
we needed to hang on the shots longer to emphasize the drama and give the tray
and cubes
 the proper amount of screen time.​​​​​​​
I was responsible for all aspects of the 3D animation, lighting, rendering, simulations, and edit of the project and I even ended up doing a little sound mixing to make sure the music fit in just right.

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